shooting in LA

Breaking News: Another High School Shooting In Southern California.

As early as 7:30 am, a shooting took place on the Santa Clarita campus of Saugus High school. A 15-year old Asian male who is believed to be a student at Saugus High school is the suspect of the shooting. According to a description report broadcasted on CNN, the suspect was wearing a black hat, black shirt, and blue jeans. L.A. County Sheriff reports that the shooter has been taken into custody, but is currently in the hospital.

Up to 6 individuals were hospitalized as a result of this shooting. Two out of the 6 individuals reportedly hospitalized are in critical condition. Unfortunately, one of those individuals had died in the hospital not too long ago. Police are in the process of searching the suspect’s house. Some schools have been taken off of lockdown.

A lot of students who witnessed the event are to be interviewed as the day goes by. Political Figures of congress such as Kamala Harris have briefly spoken about the tragic, spontaneous incident.

-Additional updates are to come as the story further develops

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