Gay Couple with kids respond to vicious racist attack.

A gay couple have responded to a vicious racist and homophobic backlash against photos they posted on Instagram that show them taking care of their two young daughters.
Chicago-born Kordale and Atlanta native Kaleb, two African American men who have three children together, often share adorable pictures of their happy family on their shared Instagram page, which has 36,489 followers.
But a recent snap of them styling their daughters’ hair sparked an unexpected negative response, with some commenters apparently taking issue with the idea of two gay black men raising children together. Most of the negative comments have since been deleted, but the negative reactions had a profound effect on the couple, who responded via HuffPost Gay Voices.
‘We may be gay but this does not mean we are incapable of what a heterosexual couple is capable of!’ they wrote in their post.
‘Our main objective as parents is to provide, love, educate, support, encourage, and love some more,’ they added. The image that sparked controversy was posted on Tuesday and has since had hundreds of comments and more than 6,000 ‘likes’.

It shows Kordale and Kaleb with their daughters in a bathroom mirror, brushing their hair and getting them ready for school. ‘Being fathers is getting our daughters up at 5:30am, making breakfast, getting them dressed for school and putting them on the bus by 6:30,’ they captioned the photo.
‘This is a typical day in our household . It’s not easy but we enjoy every moment and every minute of #fatherhood. #proudfathers #blackfathers #prouddads #gaydads’.
The post received a number of supportive comments like ‘Beautiful family!’ and ‘Those girls are lucky to have two dads that love them so much!’
But it also reportedly attracted negative attention from commenters who seemed to believe there was something immoral in their lifestyle situation.

culled from daily Mail

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