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Nigerian FM becomes The NewsCap.

(TNC)ThenewsCap is an independent Media Platform, unbiased, and a home page for reliable news, entertainment, politics, travels, styles, and more.  

We are committed to truth and welcome all views that do not discriminate against anyone, regardless of race, religion, and status. 

 Nigerian FM was Nigeria’s online #1 radio station, and an excellent site for news, broadcasting from New York City to the whole world. Millions of Nigerians browsed through our site every minute and every hour to get their news and maximum online entertainment.  Our main goal is to make TheNewsCap, Nigeria’s number one news site.

Nigerian FM became a huge brand and a global sensation within two years. We are poised to maintain the same highest standard, possible, publishing ThenewsCap for your daily news consumption. 

We help victims of cybercrimes, please use our hotline -1917 680 6000 to contact us for help.

 Emma Ike Agu, a Media Personality award winner and Africa’s International singer, producer, Sound Engineer and musicologist, is the publisher.


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