op-ed: Nigeria’s 59 years of freedom: A testimony or opprobrium

Nigeria’s 59 years of freedom: A testimony or opprobrium

Here comes the day. The day we were free from colonial enslavement. The memorable day we walked out plainly from the imperialist dungeon. The illustrious dawn where Nigerians were baptized with a purified water of volition, and were robbed with a dignified garment of self-rule. Giant of Africa autonomy occasion painted the cloud of black race with a rainbow-like colour, green and white. A merriment atmosphere that engulfed and entrapped Nigerians greenish heart that, “if it’s feasible to ride horses in their bellies, no hiccup would ensue.” A reminisce of October 1st, 1960. Today mark another birthday anniversary of the Chief of Africa. Does it call for a National celebration or in-house desolation? A rhetorical question that does not need an answer but a deep meditation from my audience.

Yes! The Nigeria water was gurgle and a new species of fishes were introduced after the banishment of the colonial master for their chameleon subjugation offense. We enthroned our kinsmen to be at the realm of the country affairs and we relaxed into our tranquility sofa, picturing the country as a heaven on earth garden with the most propitious bounties. However, disappointment is the dividend that the country board of directors tabled before its shareholders. A deficit account that keeps accumulating at the end of each fiscal year – is the annual report presented by the imperial majesty that has his throne in the edifice of Aso-villa. The hyenas have truly shown their claws, gripped their prey and stripping them off, of economy buoyancy. A pathetic situation that has made many Nigerians to have a re-think of having the emissary of Queen of England back in the country to inaugurate the phase two of vassalage – “neocolonialism”  against self-incarceration perpetuated by the pharaoh(s) of the land who put up a barricade to obstruct the free-flow of economy remnants as enjoyed in the reign of British thralldom.

A quinquagenarian nation who has nothing to boast of than her legendary standpoint in the global criminal register. Her leading position in the league of poverty ravaged societies. A nation that is booming in insecurity, that looks forward to taking the crown from Afghanistan. A role model to other nations in unemployment craftsmanship. Despite her ignominious outstanding, she thinks of rolling out drums and having a discreditable parade to mark her jubilee. What a misplacement of priority! Do we truly deserve this year’s birthday celebration? Perhaps, to appreciate God that hasn’t switched off the machine of life in our chest.

Of course, insecurity has been a national outbreak that has permeated the nook and cranny of the country. An un-rejected evil accessory in the wardrobe of every Nigeria, given as a birthday gift from our erroneous picked messiah(s) as a form of compensation for our undiluted fidelity. A glass of accessories that has a necklace of banditry; a wristwatch of kidnapping; a diamond ring of insurgency; and a bangle of herdsmen clashes. Rendering her leaking generosity with the body lotion of suicide. A wondrous ornament that gave Nigeria the ticket to participate among the most elegant nations in Miss World contest. Nigeria, a fast growing nation in insecurity, many hope that this would be her last birthday. God forbid, the few optimists muttered.

Adding another feat to the country’s disgraceful national book of record is the recent xenophobic attack in South-Africa. A shameful act that has its king card placed against Nigerians not once but a number of times. Contentment in terms of sentencing her indigenes to national torment is below the par. Sadly, she was unsatisfied with the break-even point and she thought of outsourcing for an international accomplice that could assist in roasting Nigerians in Diaspora in their inhumane pan. This emanated from the unsheltered abode that exposes her citizenry to the life-threatening conditions at home and issuing them an unrestrained visa to flee the country. This maltreatment doesn’t solely feature South-Africa in the persecution magazine of Nigeria. It has the feature of our close neighbor, Ghana, the world’s most powerful country, USA and among others. A cyclical tide that will keep expanding if not checkmated with 360 transformational economy policies. These industrious Nigerians that made Nigeria a leading Africa country in Diaspora remittance in 2018 with $25 billion repatriations deserved better treatment from the government not a coward plaintiff in Africa or Europe international court of law.

Going by the Yoruba adage that; if we do not remove the gound of the eyes and show the eyes it’s releasing rheum, the eyes will be unaware of its doings. This illustrates the Nigeria crucible. At this juncture, the country white disgraceful fowl would be weighed on the scale of world economical index, IMF, in comparison with other nations’ fowl whose birds are of the same age group.

Nigeria, Singapore, and Malaysia are of the same age bracket when it comes to independence. Singapore was part of Malaysia federation till 1963 before she left Malaysia and became a sovereign state on August 9th, 1965. This shows that Malaysia was a mother to Singapore and was an independent state before Singapore. Her shackles of colonialism were broken on August 31st, 1957.

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