UPDATED: ISIS Claims Responsibility For Mali Military Post Attack

In a statement made public on the 2nd of November, 2019, ISIS has come out of the shadows to claim the attack on a Malian Military post that killed fifty-three soldiers and a civilian in the northeast of the country.

The country’s communication minister Yaya Sangare said on Twitter “The situation is under control. A search and the process of identifying the bodies is continuing,”

He said 10 survivors were found at the outpost, which suffered “significant” damage. It was said to be a suicide attack, government confirmed.

The Malian government earlier condemned the “terrorist attack,” saying it had left numerous dead or wounded but without giving a precise toll.

“Reinforcements have been dispatched to secure the area and hunt down the attackers,” the statement added.

Mali’s army has been struggling in the face of a jihadist revolt that has spread from the arid north to its center, an ethnically mixed and volatile region.

The attack came just few days after the death of their former leader Al-bahgdadi, in retaliation and affirmation of their active insurgency.

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