“It is our fundamental human right” — LGBTQ Nigeria

Despite the strict laws against homosexuality in the country, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in Nigeria, hosted an event during the week in Lagos State.

Speaking about what inspired the event tagged ‘Night of Diversity 2019’, gay rights activist and public speaker, Bisi Alimi said,

“What propels me is my fundamental human right as a Nigerian to associate and celebrate with whoever I want. It is our own way of creating something for us, who are extremely marginalized in a country like Nigeria and to be able to share our stories with our friends and allies in a space that is safe and allows us to express ourselves.

“Living abroad and seeing how a free environment has positive impact on people’s lives, I felt Nigerians should also enjoy the good things of life.

“I wouldn’t say I was scared of the anti-gay law because I strongly believe that the Nigerian government has to understand the importance of the constitution. The law states that when the act of parliament comes in conflict with the constitution, the constitution takes preeminence. And the Nigerian Constitution says that I and people like me have a right to association. I am guessing that Nigeria can try to stop us but they will have to justify that by the constitution.”

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