T.I.’s daughter Deyjah UNFOLLOWS him on social media .

..after T.I. brags about taking her for annual ‘virginity tests’ at the gynecologist

T.I.’s daughter is no longer following him on social media after he admitted in an interview that he takes her for annual virginity tests.  

The 39-year-old bragged on the Ladies Like Us podcast that he has ensured that his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris’s hymen is still intact by meeting with her doctor after her annual pelvic exam. The shocking revelation that had Twitter users roundly denouncing his behavior.

As the story spread, Deyjah liked tweets calling her dad’ disgusting,’ ‘possessive,’ and ‘controlling,’ and now she seems to have unfollowed him on Twitter and Instagram altogether. 

Protection? The 39-year-old stressed how important it is to him that his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah has not had sex and said he has her hymen checked.

It’s unclear when, exactly, Deyjah stopped following her dad on the two social media platforms, though fans are assuming it was shortly after his podcast interview earned international attention. 

She is also no longer following her mother, Tiny Harris.

Interestingly, though Tiny is still following Deyjah, T.I. is not. However, he is following a Deyjah fan account that uses the same profile picture and may have been confused as to what her daughter’s official account is.

But Deyjah’s feelings are quite clear. In addition to unfollowing her dad, she has like three tweets by other people who have been critical of him.  

‘This is disgusting, possessive and controlling,’ wrote one, who later also tweeted: ‘I am sick to my stomach… “my results” it’s her body, not yours.’

‘That is just beyond possessive,’ tweeted another who got a ‘like’ from Deyjah.

She also liked a supportive tweet from a woman who wrote: ‘I hope you’re truly ok. Him telling the world your personal business medically and your choices as a woman to do or not do a personal and special moment in your life is never right.’ 

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