Facebook: Account Removals from UAE, Egypt, Indonesia, and Nigeria

In an attempt to discourage world violence, Facebook has removed over 300 accounts, pages and groups from its platforms.

The list of total accounts, pages, and groups removed from their platform includes 443 Facebook and 125 Instagram accounts, 200 pages and 76 groups originating in UAE, Egypt, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

In a blog post-Thursday, Facebook said that one of the operations was sharing local news in targeted countries and promoting content about UAE as well as criticism of Qatar, Turkey, and Iran.

A smaller operation was involved in “domestic-focused coordinated inauthentic behavior in Indonesia,” with fake accounts sharing content in support of the independence movement in West Papua province, while others posted criticism of it.

A third operation, originating in Egypt, focused on Somalia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Tunisia, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, and Qatar, the social media company said.

The fake accounts “typically posted about domestic news and political topics including content in support of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

The fake account also made criticism of Qatar, Iran, and Turkey; and Yemen’s southern separatist movement.”

Around 193,000 people followed one or more of the Instagram accounts.

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