False Alarm Results in the Temporary Shutdown of the Whitehouse

Earlier part of the morning, the Whitehouse went into full lockdown mode due to an aircraft crossing the threshold of restricted air space.

When such events occur, the state has special codes to describe the direness of the reported emergency. The codes vary from color to color, such as yellow, orange, and red (yellow signifying a low state of alert, to red signifying the need for evacuation). In this case, however, it was not classified as a low state of emergency, and it thankfully was not determined as an event where people needed to be evacuated. On the other hand, it came in pretty close to escalating to a code red, for a code orange was issued. A code orange translates into the situation being considered and treated as a high state of alert.

According to CNN, the WH lockdown has been officialy lifted. Whomever was controlling the aircraft did not pose any threat to the state or its people. The matter of fact is that the aircraft wandering onto restricted grounds resulted in fighter jets scrambling. Due to the verification of a false alarm, code orange has been significantly reduced to a code yellow.

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