The 2019 American Music Awards Overview

2019 AMA Program Transcript

  • Selena Gomez kicks off the American Music Awards right away. Gomez initially performs her number one song “Lose you to love me”, and then transitions to singing “Look at her now” – the same order in which the songs were released.

– A lot of people caught onto the fact that Selena was singing off-key during her “Lose You to Love Me” performance. This is more than likely due to the fact that she had suffered from a ‘panic attack’ not so long before coming on stage to headline the AMA’s. In addition, Billboard has released a public statement that revealed that technical difficulties took place during Gomez’s performance. Selena finds herself in time to finish off the performance on a high note.

  • Ciara executes yet another ground breaking performance – as the host this time around. Ciara’s performance is a body pumping anthem. Cici takes it down with her energy and her stellar dance moves alongside a group of adults, and later, a group of talented children. La La Anthony and Ester Dean performed on stage with the “Body Party” singer.
  • The young Billie Eilish wins an AMA for Best Alternative Rock Artist, trumping well-known and loved pop rock groups such as Imagine Dragons, and Panic! at the Disco.
  • Afterwards, Ciara’s two adorable little children speak live on the AMA’s to confirm that their mama is doing a good job so far.
  • Hasley wins an AMA for best pop rock song “Without Me”.
  • Lizzo performs her latest single “Jerome”.
  • Country singer and songwriter, Thomas Rhett, performs his sweet song “Look What God Gave Her”.
  • Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello performed their #1 hit “Señorita”. Midst their performance, audience members such the Artist of the Decade (Taylor Swift) were left practically speechless due to the duo’s chemistry that reflected on stage.
  • Succeeding Mendes’ and Cabello’s performance, Taylor Swift received an AMA for best pop rock album with her standout song, “Lover”.
  • Kesha and Big Freedia perform “Raising Hell”. The performance is bright, energetic and well choreographed. The audience is left up on their feet dancing to the unique, powerful song.

Thereafter, Kesha takes everyone back a decade through performing her 2009 hit song “Tik Tok”.

  • Paula Abdul introduces the next performer, Toni Braxton. Abdul mentions that it was exactly 25 years ago where Braxton had won her first music award at the AMA’s (for Adult Contemporary New Artist). She performed one of her greatest songs, “Unbreak My Heart”. Toni Braxton delivered a crisp, natural, passionate performance with her unwavering, powerful voice that shook the whole crowd.

Not so long after her powerhouse performance, Braxton tweets a shoutout to the American Music Awards, exclaiming “Great to be home #AMAs”.

  • Country Album AMA is awarded to Carrie Underwood for “Cry Pretty”. This is Underwood’s 14th American Music Award win. The presenter simultaneously awarded Carrie Underwood with an AMA for the best female country artist award, which was another great surprise to Carrie.
  • Billie Eilish performs one of her songs, which is called “All the good girls go to Hell”. Eilish serves the audience with a fiery performance (yes, pun intended), and the audiences feeds off the energy of her performance.
  • The Collaboration of the Year AMA goes to the latest power couple, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, with their romantic single “Señorita”.
  • New Artist of the Year Award is clinched by the soon-to-be 18-year-old, Billie Eilish. This same adolescent pushed past fellow nominees like Luke Combs, Lil Nas X, Lizzo and Ella Mai for the win. This is surely Billie Ellish’s year. Within minutes, Eilish officially becomes a two-time AMA winner.
  • Hasley performs her newest hit song, “Graveyard”. Despite the title of the song, Hasley’s performance was nothing but colors.
  • Following Hasley’s performace, two-time AMA winner Billie Eilish is given the honors of introducing the next performance of the night: The Green Day performs one of their best songs, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”.
  • Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Album goes to back to back Billboard Hot 100 chart topper, Post Malone.
  • Camila Cabello is brought back out to perform… solo this time. She sings one of her newest songs “Living Proof”.
  • Jonas Brothers perform their hit “Only Human” live from Boston.

  • The AMA’s delves back into Taylor Swifts incredible history as a musical artist. After they acknowledge Swift as the Artist of the Decade and the person to have clinched the most AMA’s ever, Taylor Swift Performs throw-back songs like “Love Story”, followed by “I Knew You Were Trouble”, “Blank Space”, and “Shake it Off”. Taylor ended her great music performance with one of her most recent, loved songs, “Lover”. After the performance, the Artist of the Decade award was finally handed over to Taylor Swift by the living legend, Carole King.

Taylor Swift takes her time to express how important Carole King’s contribution as an artist was to her and her family. Additionally, she expressed her gratitude to her fans, supporters, and her current recording label.

  • After the break, rapper Meghan the Stallion announces that Lil Nas X and Billy Ray’s song “Old Town Road” has won the AMA for the Hip-Hop song of the year.
  • Christina Aguilera performs the heartfelt song “Fall on Me” with the Great Big World.
  • Post Malone performs “Circles”. Afterwards, Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott emerge on stage to join Malone, and perform their song “Take What You Want”. This is yet another intense, fiery performance of the night.
  • Dua Lipa performs her feel-good song “Don’t Stop Now”.
  • Favorite Country Song AMA is awarded to the duo Dan + Shay for “Speechless”.
  • The most prestigious award (as described by Regina King); the Artist of the Year award, is awarded to no one other than the multi-time, record-breaking AMA winner, Taylor Swift.
  • Shania Twain performs and closes out the 2019 American Music Awards. She sings her own version of Post Malone’s “Rockstar”, 21 Pilots’ “Stressed Out”, Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off”, and Drake’s “God’s plan”. She converts to signing her own songs such as “You’re Still the One”, “Any Man of Mine”, “That Don’t Impress Me Much”, and “Man! I Feel Like A Woman”.


All in all, the 2019 American Music Awards was a night to remember in more ways than one. The musical artists all stood out in their own respective ways, whether it was through their wardrobe, their singing, their personalized choreography, and/or their individual speeches. Record-breaking history went down at the Los Angeles Microsoft Theater, for there were a lot of ‘firsts’, such as Ciara being the AMA’s first person to serve as a host, AND a performer in one shot, and Billie Eilish being one of the youngest artists of all time to earn a AMA not once, but TWICE in the same night. More firsts include Toni Braxton stepping foot in the AMA’s once again, since 25 years ago, when she took home her first AMA, followed by Shawn Mendez and Camila Cabello winning their first AMA, and Taylor Swift being declared not only as the “Artist of the Decade”, but the “Artist of the year” concurrently. On an ending note, one of the biggest things that people who tune into the American Music Awards can appreciate about a lot of the performers of the night is the fact that in addition to performing their latest songs (if applicable), they also implemented a few of the great hits that they have released in the past.

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